Environment Sensitive

THE ICONIC CORENTHUM : is an immaculate example of Bioclimatic Architecture in the concept of designing buildings and balancing the environment within.

Bioclimatic architecture concerns itself with climate with benign environment using minimal energy as its target.


THE ICONIC CORENTHUM uses natural resources optimally to make it energy efficient & environment friendly.

Working with natural forces around the building to support health prospects naturally.

THE ICONIC CORENTHUM is a perfect blend of Building Automation Systems, illumination and movement pattern  implemented in the right perspective to have right activity and circulation concentration.

Energy and Atmosphere

checkMaximum daylight factor

checkEnergy efficient materials used in construction

checkExcavated top-soil preserved for later use

checkSolar lamps for parking areas

checkCement and bricks with fly ash concentration

checkSolar panels for electricity generation

checkWaste segregation

checkCFC free refrigerants, zero-ODP insulation

Water Efficiency

checkLow-flow plumbing fixtures

checkRainwater harvesting

checkSewage Treatment Plant

checkGrey water for irrigation

checkEfficiently designed water balance diagram

checkEfficient use of water in A/C systems

The fuselage and the grey water collection system are representative of the technological features that position this building at the leading edge of technology

THE ICONIC CORENTHUM optimizes its site orientation, specifically for solar energy and wind utilization. The building minimizes wind force interference by using the air stream to stabilize itself.The full vertical landscaped wall is a perfect example of bionic architecture.

The goal of the building is to attain zero-energy consumption from public utilities and generate the required energy to sustain itself partly. THE ICONIC CORENTHUM has a 100% efficient water balance diagram.