The Project

THE ICONIC CORENTHUM is a 105 meter tall tower with roof top sky deck for a 360 Degree view of Noida, a state of the art auditorium fine dining at roof top level. The lobes are In modular grid to have central bays for planning office and side bays for executive chambers and communication turntables, with conferencing at its best. The tower is modern, automated, where experience and information are shared.

The layout focuses on the increasing need to dynamically connect people to people. Each grid unit has been carefully planned with anthropometrics, string diagram and 24*7 requirement like fresh air building systems and stress-free working.


There are ambitious men for whom good is not a benchmark. THE ICONIC CORENTHUM is an elegant tribute to these few. It is a super premium high rise office space. An experience of elaborate detailing with state of the art services.

The tower offers a view of unseen beauty of greenery. THE ICONIC CORENTHUM has been created to recreate an iconic experience nestled in the Corenthum complex.

The Corenthum’s bustling business domain serves as the ideal strategic choice for business services.


  • THE ICONIC CORENTHUM is an immaculate example of Bioclimatic Architecture in the concept of designing buildings and balancing the environment within.

  • Working with natural forces around the building rather than against them.

  • Bioclimatic architecture concerns itself with climate (or perception of design) with benign environment using minimal energy as its target.

  • In THE ICONIC CORENTHUM, the use of natural resources has been done optimally to make it energy efficient.

  • It’s here that form meets function with Building Automation Systems, illumination, vertical gardens, movement pattern, implemented in the right perspective to have right activity patterns and circulation concentration.